Suffolk Sea Salt

Pure sea salt

Our sea water is harvested from the estuary of the Rivers Orwell and Stour, making our salt rich and strong in flavour, which adds an extra dimension to the food it is used in.

  • Suffolk Sea Salt has more flavour so less is required.
  • Always use in moderation.
  • Our salt is pure with no additives or anti-caking chemicals.
  • A pinch is all you need.
  • Your local choice.
Our range of flavours include:
Pure Sea Salt Flakes, Egyptian Garlic, Sicilian Lemon, Mexican Onion, Black Pepper, Italian Herbs, Smoked Bacon, English Apple, Garden Mint, Florida Tangerine, Belgian Chocolate, Japanese Wasabi, oak smoked and African Chilli.
Our Salt is available in 75g, 250g, 500g, 750g and 1kg packs.

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